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Barcelona Spain Tourist Information and City Guide

The most popular museums in Barcelona Spain are the following:

  1. Catalonia History Museum (Museum d' Història de Catalunya)
  2. Picasso Museum (Museu Picasso)
  3. Maritime Museum (Museum Porta de la Pau)
Museums and Art Galleries in Barcelona Spain
Sculpture in Barcelona Spain

Other popular museums in Barcelona include the following:

  1. Sagrada Familia Museum (Museu del Temple Expiatori de La Sagrada Familia)
  2. La Pedrera Museum (works by Antoni Gaudí)
  3. Football Museum (at the Camp Nou Stadium)
  4. Barcelona Centre of Contemporary Culture (CCCB)
  5. Catalán Museum of Archaeology
  6. Dalí Museum (in Figueres)
  7. Bullfight Museum (Plaza de Toros Monumental)
  8. Archaeological Museum
  9. Museum of Modern Art

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